My PCA Chemical Peel Experience

How Glycation Affects The Skin
June 27, 2017


Last month I received my first PCA Skin Chemical Peel. I have had many peels before, but this was definitely a new experience for me.

Chemical peels have many benefits to them. They increase cell turnover, which helps correct sundamage, acne scarring, and aging of the skin. There are peels for different skin types, and skin conditions. The peel I received was mainly for sundamage, scarring, and breakouts.

Now for the process and healing of the skin. My first  2 days I was very pink, and VERY tight! I had a lot of sundamage come up to the surface that I didn’t even realize I had! It was all damage from my early years being in the sun. I started to peel on my 3rd day, and the peeling lasted about 4-5 days after that.  My complexion is so much even and clearer now, the breakouts have reduced significantly. I have barely been wearing make up lately which feels great! I want everyone to achieve that- Mary Weeks

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